Luke’s Response


I appreciate you letting me know why you stopped texting me. I have always let you handle our relationship the way you wanted to, for obvious reasons.

You are loved by me. I may not always show it the best way or the way that you would like, but you are loved too. I give it without strings or requirements. Someday when you feel stronger within yourself, you can contact me, by whatever means you feel safest.

I would like to say I have remained quiet in most cases because of your changing attitudes during your healing process i.e. one minute- I will never have sex again, the next, I’m gonna jump your bones. Some might call this lying, I realize it is just part of the process, others may not. Also, I do not seem to recall you asking how I felt about any of this. In the future, when you are more confident in yourself and not fear the rejection that is possible (but not assumed by you), it would help to communicate better with potential friend or significant other.

Remember the choices in life are always yours.

Love you,

Then I sent back:

I’ll ask you now. How do you feel about all of this? About me?

He responded:

I don’t really know you enough to give you an honest evaluation. I wish you where closer so that we could gradually get to know each other better. But I think you need to get right with yourself and help the kids as well before worrying about me. But thank you for asking

And that is where I left it.  I need to get over him and move on.


  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it. You said you poured your heart and soul out to him over the past year or so, and he is saying he doesn’t really know you? He has brushed off your question. I don’t like it. I think your decision to move on is really the best one, even though it is so painful.

    • I do see his point though. How well can two people really know each other when their only real method of communication is text? And besides, I look at it now and I’m not the same woman I was when I was going through the divorce.

  2. too bad, I was really rooting for the two of you.. 😦


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