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No Counseling!

I read something from a woman who is questioning whether or not she is being emotionally abused by her husband.  The evidence is as clear as the nose on her face that she is but she can’t see it yet.  The abused woman canNOT see that she is abused until she is ready.  This woman …

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Being a Better Mom

Being with a person who repsects and loves you will make you a better mom because it makes you a better person all around.  Endellion saying she isn’t a good mom brought this one. Endellion keeps telling me that she isn’t a good mother.  She became a mother because she thought that was what she …

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Power and Control Wheel: Economic Abuse

ECONOMIC ABUSE: Preventing her from getting or keeping a job. Making her ask for money. Giving her an allowance. Taking her money. Not letting her know about or have access to family income. Preventing her from getting or keeping a job.  Bubba started complaining about me needing to get a job the first time he got …

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