Who’s Who in Hope’s World

Hope – Me, the author of this blog.

Serenity – my daughter, high-school age

Liam – my son, high-school age

Shane – my son, elementary age

Bubba – my ex-husband, the father of my children

THE FOO (family of origin) :

Celia – my mother

Butch – my father

Jill – my older sister

Nancy – my younger sister

Ed – my cousin


Endellion – my friend

Arcadia – my friend

Elrick – Arcadia’s husband

Hannah – my friend

Maria – my friend

Jose – Maria’s husband

Susan – my friend

Beth – my first counselor

Liz – my counselor/my friend

Grace – my friend

Peace – my friend

Rose – my neighbor (Sean’s Mom)

Andy – my neighbor (Sean’s son)

Sara – my neighbor (Sean’s daughter)

Jenna – my neighbor

Amelia – my former friend

Katherine – my former boss

Jodie – my former co-worker

Henry – my landlord


Luke – my dear friend

Sean – my neighbor

Theo – Facebook acquaintance

Sam – Luke’s friend

Farm Boy – one date

Quentin – Bachelor #1

Bill – Bachelor #2

Steve – Bachelor #3

Bob – Bachelor #4

Treun – Bachelor #5 – My Boyfriend


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