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The Bath Tub – Part 3 Image Interpretation Series

Since I began this series I’ve been looking for more images that speak to me.  This one affected me profoundly when I saw it – I was in tears. I’m not sure what it is about this that draws such emotion from me.  Bubba never hit me.  I’d always said that there was no physical …

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Walking on Eggshells – Part 2 Image Interpretation Series

I did a Google image search for “walking on eggshells” a long time ago and this picture really spoke to me – enough that I saved it on my computer.  I think as a society we throw around the term “walking on eggshells” so much that many people are familiar with the term but not …

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Gideon Wright – Part 1 of Image Interpretation Series

When I was researching verbal abuse again, trying to find something to prove to myself that silent treatments and guilt trips really *are* verbal abuse, I stumbled upon an article that used this image.  I was unable to download the image from that page, but found the credit for the image at the bottom of …

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