I Understand Eeyore Now



I was always perpetually confused by Eeyore.  How could he be so incredibly sad and negative all the time?  I mean, surely, there has to be something in his life worth smiling about, right?

Well, today, I have a special understanding of Eeyore.  I get it!  The light bulb has gone on over my head and I am in agreement with Eeyore.  Life pretty much sucks and I can’t take the roller coaster of happy, sad, happy, sad anymore.  I’m starting to think that life would just be easier if I embraced the misery and stopped trying to be happy.

Since I’ve decided that “The One” does not exist for me, should I continue looking?  This will lead to brief moments of happiness, like I found with Steve, only to have it all dashed on the rocks when it all falls apart.  Sure, I want to date and go out, but I’m done getting excited about it and trying to find someone to be happy with.  Those moments of exhilaration just aren’t worth the crash at the end – and it always ends.  Luke endedSean endedSteve ended.

Instead of continuing to ride this roller coaster, I’m opting to just stay on even ground.  Ironically, I think I’ll be happier if I can just be miserable from now on.  No more highest of highs and lowest of lows.  I’m going to learn to be content just being even-keeled with no highs in my life.

I don’t believe he is out there for me.  I don’t believe I’ll find happiness with a man.  Therefore, I shall keep on keeping on – alone.

I will accept that this is my lot in life.


  1. Don’t be an Eeyore, just take moments of happiness as they come. Life is too short to always be gloomy. 🙂

    • The roller coaster is just too much for right now. This is what I need to do to get through this moment in my life.

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