The Phone Call

Serenity called me in near panic.  She’d been sleeping and heard someone banging on the front door.  Since she was home alone, she looked out the window upstairs to see if she could see who was at the door.  To her surprise she saw a couple of cop cars in front of our house.  She went to answer the door and a man asked for me.  She told him I wasn’t home and he gave her his business card and told her to tell me to call him as he had papers for me.

Serenity gave me his contact information so I called him.  He told me that he was trying to serve me with court papers that pertained to custody of my minor children.  The old terror came flooding back.  Bubba was trying to take my kids from me again.  It’d had been over two years of not dealing with the courts and I wasn’t eager to go back there.  Family court had been a terrible experience for me and my children and we were once again being thrust back into it.  I asked the man if he could put the papers in my mailbox as we were going to cut our vacation short and come home late Friday and I didn’t want to wait all weekend to get the papers.  He agreed.

Treun and I cut three days off our vacation and headed home.  Bubba had timed his attack perfectly.  Even though I hate to think it, I really believe that Liam told him that I’d be gone. And I believe that Bubba timed the papers to be served like they were.  If it is one thing I know about Bubba, he is still intent on hurting me any way he can.

Even with the stress of knowing those papers and a court fight was waiting for us when we returned, Treun and I still managed to enjoy our time together.  I got him lost once because I wasn’t paying attention when I was supposed to be navigating and missed  a turn.  He didn’t get upset with me at all.  We just adjusted our course and kept going.  He assured me that it was fine and really no big deal.  It really was a good vacation and it showed me that Treun is really fun to travel with.  We had a great time just being together, stopping to see whatever sights struck our fancy.

It was like no vacation that I’d ever taken before and I’m glad we had that time together.


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