Summer Parenting Time

It’s that time of year again.

It is time to take the boys to Bubba for his summer parenting time.  It is time for me to have some time off.  It is especially exciting because this year I get to move in with my new husband.  Since we’d gotten married before school let out, we’d decided that the kids and I would continue to stay at our house until school let out then we’d spend the last days they were with me at Treun’s house.  I’d do the heavy work of actually moving us after they left for the summer

Since the cat was out of the bag about Treun, he finally was able to go with me to a visitation exchange. Usually, he’d go along and I’d drop him off an exit before where Bubba and I met then pick him back up after the exchange.  Serenity had ridden with us a couple of months before and I’d asked if we could just get it over with and take Treun with us and she had a panic attack in the car.  She knew Bubba would not take it well, so we avoided it as long as we could.

We got to the exchange point first and Treun got out of the car with the boys.  I asked Liam to find out how close Bubba was.  I wanted to get out and stretch my legs but I will not be out of my car when Bubba is there.  For me, it is still a safety issue.  I will never trust Bubba again.

I had enough time to get out and stretch my legs.  It felt good to be out of the car and walking around because it is a long drive to drop the boys off.  Finally, Treun said that he saw Bubba’s car coming down the road so I hugged and kissed the boys and got back in.  I asked Treun to get in the car but he said he was going to introduce himself to Bubba.  I nearly had heart failure.  Really?  Really?

Thankfully, the exchange went off without a hitch.  Treun introduced himself to Bubba and they shook hands.  It was over before it began and the boys were in Bubba’s car and Treun and I were heading back home.  As soon as Treun got in the car, I told him to pull over as soon as we could so he could go wash his hands.  I didn’t want him touching me until he washed Bubba off his hand.  Then I asked him WTF he was thinking by introducing himself to Bubba.  He simply explained that if their roles were reversed he would want to meet the man his children were living with.  It was a point of integrity for Treun.  He was extending a courtesy he would want himself.

As we drove home, I felt a sense of peace.  Treun and I were starting our lives together by having a summer together for ourselves.  Serenity was in and out of the house enough that we’d get private time and Treun planned to take me on a honeymoon in a few weeks.

I just had to get moved out of my house and into our house before we could leave.


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