Serenity Graduates!

A week after the wedding, Serenity graduated from high school.  There were times that I wondered if we’d ever see this day.  Serenity is a very smart girl but her anxiety is almost crippling at times.  Essays were nightmares for her.  Her senior research paper had me ripping my hair out.  It got to the point, during the first semester of her senior year, where I told her that she had to figure it out on her own.  She had to talk to her teachers and ask for help when she was struggling.  I told her to talk to the guidance counselor to see if there was any tutoring available.  I simply couldn’t hold her up and push her to do her work any longer.

She came through and got her research paper turned in with 5 minutes to spare.  Then she shocked all of us by getting a high A on her paper.  I knew she had the intelligence to do it, I just hadn’t known if she’d be able to push through the anxiety to get it done.  She’d passed all of her graduation tests her junior year so she just needed to make it through her senior year coursework and she did it!

Now we just had to get through graduation.

Bubba told her he was coming to town and would be at her graduation. Treun would be coming with me because he wanted to see Serenity graduate and he didn’t want me to be on my own.  I bought Serenity and myself new outfits and ironed her graduation robe.  The day was upon us and I knew we were both feeling the nerves of having Bubba in town.

The cat would be out of the bag.  Even if Bubba didn’t see the ring on my finger, he would see me with Treun.  He would know that there is a man in my life. We’d been very careful not to give Bubba confirmation of me having a boyfriend.  Treun didn’t go to visitation exchanges with me.  This would be it.  No more keeping this part of my life a secret from Bubba.

We got there early in order to get parking that wasn’t a million miles away.  We found good seats and just sat there enjoying the fact that my baby was graduating!  Liam’s phone rang and it was Bubba telling him that he was there.  Liam and his girlfriend got up to go get Bubba.  I told Liam to not bring Bubba back with him.  Well, that didn’t work.  Bubba ended up sitting at the other end of the row we were sitting in.  He was close enough to see the matching rings on our fingers if he looked our way.

Surprisingly, the whole thing went off without a hitch.  Bubba didn’t approach us and we stayed far away from him.  After the ceremony, we found Serenity and got some pictures together in her cap and gown.  Then we said good-bye to the children because Bubba was taking them all out to dinner.  They’d be home in time for me to get Shane to bed so Treun and I had a few hours to ourselves.

We went out to eat and celebrate on our own.  Not only had Serenity graduated, we’d survived the afternoon sitting very near Bubba.

It was definitely worth celebrating.


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