The Wedding!

The day had finally arrived.  Treun and I were getting married!  Our wedding day dawned warm and clear.  It was sunny and beautiful and I was up at an ungodly hour because I was too excited to sleep.  The plan was to arrive at Treun’s house around 9 am so that we could all get ready there and have the ceremony at 11 am, followed immediately by lunch.

Treun and I agreed that the ladies would take over the master bedroom and he’d get ready upstairs in what was going to be Serenity’s room once we moved in.  Treun was given orders that he was not allowed to look over the loft into the living room unless he told his son Noble to make sure that I was in the bedroom first.

When I arrived, I had Serenity go in the house first to make sure Treun was upstairs.  I wanted to take a look in the backyard to see how he had things set up.  I wanted a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning in the place that I would call my own in a couple short hours.  The jasmine covering the gazebo was in full bloom and smelled heavenly.  There was a table set up for my computer and the chairs were arranged as we’d agreed.  Everything was ready, except the bride!

Serenity and I set up shop in the bedroom.  She started fixing her hair while I hung up my dress, got my shoes and bouquet out.  I showed Shane how he was going to carry the rings for us.  He was so excited to be a part of the wedding.  He took his responsibility as ring bearer very seriously and listening intently as I instructed him how to hold the ring boxes and when he’d have to step toward the preacher to hand the rings over.

I decided that I needed to document all of this so I hollered up to Noble to tell Treun to stay off Facebook so that I could post pictures to share with my friends.  Treun would have plenty of time to look at the pictures later.

I didn’t have much to do except have Arcadia help me put two small braids in my hair to hold the sides back and get dressed.  I just lounged on the bed and talked to Serenity while she fixed her hair.  I’d already ironed her clothes when we arrived so I just had to wait for the cake lady and the caterer.  The cake lady showed up around 10 am and I was delighted with the cake.  She has a little at-home shop and says that she is a baker, not a decorator.  She’d used white and two different shades of my color and swirled them together.  They were very simple cakes but they were beautiful in their simplicity.

The caterer showed up at 10:30 am and got everything set up for us.  They were in and out in less than ten minutes so I had about twenty minutes to put my dress on and fix my hair.  Oh, plenty of time.  Arcadia arrived at the same time the caterer did so she changed her clothes while I directed the caterer.  As soon as the caterer left, I got changed and she braided my hair.

I’d been texting with Endellion so she was ready for the Skype call.  I shut down everything on my computer except Skype and had Serenity take the computer out for Treun to set up and get the Skype call started.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and lasted less than fifteen minutes.  Treun and I had decided to write our vows and when it came down to it, neither of us prepared much.  We spoke from the heart.  The preacher didn’t sneak anything in there and it was a lovely ceremony.

It was official.  I was Treun’s wife and our life together was about to start.  It was an amazing, relaxing, fun day.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.




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