The Guest List Diminishes By Two

The last minute plans were all set.  The Mexican restaurant was available to cater on our new date.  The baker also had the day open.  Our rings came in and were even more gorgeous than we thought they’d be.  My bouquet and Treun’s boutonniere arrived.  We had just a few more days until the wedding.

I was going over to Treun’s house each evening after work to clean and get things organized for the wedding.  I’d planted new flowers in the back yard.  We decided how to set up the patio furniture and where we’d stand to say our vows.  I also decided where to put my computer so that Endellion could join us via Skype since she couldn’t come down for our new date.

Everything was set and ready.  Then Treun got a text from Melanie.  She said that she wasn’t going to come to the wedding because she didn’t feel comfortable being around her brothers if we weren’t going to let her invite all the people she wanted to invite.  I knew it hurt Treun even as he was saying it was her choice.  He didn’t try to talk her out of it.  We decided to have fun on our day and not let Melanie ruin a moment of our happiness.

Then, with just two days till the wedding, Liam announced that he wouldn’t be attending either.  His girlfriend was about to move out of the state and he said he wanted to spend the day with her.  I told him that I really wanted him there but wouldn’t force him.  I just wanted him to understand that in ten years he may look back and regret not being there and I wanted to make sure he was ok with that.  He told me that Treun and I were moving too fast and that he didn’t think we should get married anyway.  I told him that I disagreed with him and that I loved him and he could chose to come to the wedding or not.  It was entirely his decision.  Again, Treun and I decided to have fun on our day and not let Liam ruin a moment of our happiness.

In the dark of night, alone in my bed, I could admit to myself that I was extremely hurt by both of them acting in such an immature and callous way.  Neither of them could be the “bigger person” to put their own feelings aside to be there for us because they simply lacked the maturity to do so.  It didn’t stop me from feeling very hurt by both of them, both for myself and for Treun.  I allowed myself to be sad about it for a very short time then once again focused on the wedding.

With two days left, we had most of everything done.  I just had some light touching up on the house to do and we had to get the tables put in their places for the food and cake.  I’d found us the perfect cake topper so I was excited to see what the baker came up with for my cake.  I told her that I wanted a 12″ cake to feed everyone that day, a 10″ cake to wrap up to freeze for our one year anniversary, and a dozen cupcakes that were dairy and gluten free to accommodate people with food allergies.  I told her my color and told her I’d be happy with whatever she came up with.

I didn’t have any time off work before the wedding because someone else had already scheduled vacation days that week.  Treun took Friday off to cut the grass and arrange the patio furniture and get the backyard set up.

We were ready to get married!


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