One of the biggest changes in my life that will happen when I marry Treun is that I will be resigning from my job.  Treun makes enough money to support us and he believes that it is better for me to be home with the kids.  They went from me having always stayed home with them to me working full-time.  I didn’t have a choice as Bubba was never current on his child support payments and was actually, at one point, over $9,000 behind.  I couldn’t rely on him paying child support so I needed to have a stable job to take care of my kids.

Treun and I decided that I would quit working at my current job, since they didn’t offer part-time positions, and then I could look for a part-time job.  We both felt that it was important for me to be home to be more available to help the children transition to their new home, new schools, and new step-dad.  Treun knows how important it is to me to stay active in the work force so I’ll never be in the position I was when I left Bubba.  Even though Treun is a good man and I can’t see us divorcing, he knows that I need a safety net.

I decided to give my employer three weeks’ notice.  There were many changes going on and I thought it would be helpful to them if I gave them that extra week.  I sat at my computer and started writing my resignation.

And I sobbed.

I did not see that coming.  This is a happy thing.  Truly.  I guess I would say that it was bittersweet.  I’d worked my way from a temporary job to being a full-time employee and I had really enjoyed my job, my boss, my co-workers; at least until our jobs started changing.  I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy my job once our new roles started.  I knew I didn’t want to dedicate even more time away from home when I had the ability to be home more with my kids.  Yet still, I cried.

I walked into work the next day and asked my boss if I could speak to her.  Since our office had been recently remodeled, we had to go into the stairwell for some privacy.  When the door closed behind us, she looked at me and said, “Please don’t tell me you’re quitting.”  I said I was and handed her my resignation letter.  She asked if I was sure and I told her I was.  The company wouldn’t let me work part-time and then I let her know that I’d actually found a new job already.  I was going back to the temp agency that had placed me at that job in the first place.  When they found out I wanted to go part-time, they snapped me back up.

Much to my delight, my old boss had given me everything I’d wanted.  She agreed to my hourly rate, me taking time off when I needed it, being very flexible in my hours.  In return I understood that my hours wouldn’t be steady.  I knew that around the holidays, I wouldn’t work at all and that was fine with me.  It really was the perfect solution.  I’d be home more than I dreamed and I had a crazy amount of flexibility.  My boss got a little teary-eyed and gave me a hug.  She was happy for me but sad that they’d be losing me.  I knew she valued me as an employee.  She’d always made it clear to me that I was doing an awesome job and had given me the highest rating the company allowed at my last review.

Immediately word spread through my office that I’d be leaving.  People weren’t really surprised.  They kept asking me if I was going to keep working after I got married and I’d told them that I hadn’t had any plans to quit.  Treun and I tossed the idea around but we hadn’t decided until that weekend that I would definitely quit work the week after the wedding.

I had two weeks until the wedding and three weeks of work left.  Things were looking up.

I should’ve enjoyed it while it lasted.


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