Just Chugging Along

Liam had a one month follow-up appointment with his psychiatrist.  She increased the dosage on his anti-depressant because he was still feeling rather miserable.  He’d improved slightly but he still was struggling greatly.

Work is still work.  It is hard and I’m gone from home longer than I’d like to be.  I still feel like I’m splitting myself into so many directions that nothing gets good enough attention from me.  Weekends are full of trying to catch up from last week, prepare for next week, spend time with Treun, and connect with the kids.  The kids don’t always make this easy.

Treun and I try to do one fun activity each week that the older two will like, even if it is just going out to eat for dinner on Saturday.  Serenity will sometimes come along but her plate is so full already that she doesn’t have much time to hang out with her mom.  Liam is still resisting all efforts we’ve made to include him.  He would rather spend time with his girlfriend than his mom.

Shane is the only one who loves to hang out with us.  I think he really enjoys having our undivided attention and I can see how much it is helping him.  He’s being more cooperative with his therapist.  He’s starting to use his coping skills even if he doesn’t recognize that he’s doing it.  He still has a long way to go but I see improvements.

I’m falling more in love with Treun every day.  We are discussing the future so much more now.  We’re dreaming of all the things we can do this summer while the boys are with Bubba.  We talk about the future.  We talk about the past.  I’m amazed at how much easier it is getting to communicate with him.  The best part is that we are discussing ways to make his house into our house.  It only makes sense to move in with him since he already owns it and his mortgage is amazing.

Life is settling into a pattern, even if it is a chaotic pattern.


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