Changes Are Coming

Working full-time while being a single mom is hard!  There never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done.  I get up at 5:30 each day so that I can shower, get ready, and have some “me” time before the kids wake up for the day.  Serenity and Liam get themselves up and ready on their own now, so it is really only Shane that needs help in the mornings and each morning is a surprise.  One morning he will get up, get ready, and get to school with no problems.  The next, he will fight me every step of the way.  Such is the nature of Shane’s challenges, I just simply never know what the morning will bring.

For the most part, Serenity and Liam don’t give me problems in the morning.  There have been occasional sleep-ins and mad dashes for the bus while I prod them to MOVE FASTER!!!  There have even been, “Mom, I missed the bus!” days.  Those days complicate things ten fold because fighting morning school traffic is a nightmare.  It is complicated by Shane’s refusal to walk out the door before a certain time (that he has set in his mind that can change daily).  Those days, fortunately, don’t happen often.

I have Shane enrolled in before-school care at his school.  I have to be at work before the earliest drop-off time for school, so it is necessary for me to utilize this service.  I need to warn Shane the night before if I need to be at work early.  You see, I refuse to work past 5 p.m.  Everyone else in my department works late but I can’t.  I rely on Serenity and Liam to watch Shane from the time he gets off the bus at 4 until I get home right after 5.  Shane’s bedtime is at 7 pm so I refuse to miss one minute with him in the evenings.  I will, however, go into work early.

I can drop Shane off at before-school care at 6:30.  I rarely drop him off that early but do it sometimes because I need to get work done and won’t stay late.  I am usually the first one in to the office and can get so much done before everyone else arrives and starts demanding my attention.  I like the quiet mornings before the hustle and bustle of the work day begins.  Shane normally does ok with getting up early and leaving the house early if I remind him the day before that it is going to happen.  If I forget, well then, things are rougher in the morning.

My life is hectic because I work full-time.  Things are about to get more hectic.  My company is making some organizational changes that will affect my department.  Plans have been in the works for months now and the more I hear about the changes, the less I’m liking them.  The main change will be that my department will go from being paid hourly to being paid salary with more hours expected to be put in.  I already do 3-6 hours of overtime each week.  I can’t possibly put more overtime in without it creeping into my evenings.  I am going to lose more time with my kids.  I will be away from home more than I am now.  I can’t even fathom what that will mean for my kids and my house!

Weekends are full of playing catch-up from the week and Sundays are devoted to preparing for the next week.  I never feel like I get a break.  Even when Treun and I are together, my mind is racing with lists of things I haven’t done yet or things I need to plan for.  How am I going to keep this pace up if work demands more hours?

Change is coming and I don’t know how I’m going to manage it.  I will find a way because that is what I do.  Failure is NOT an option.  I will find a way to make it work, putting my kids as my first priority.  I have a couple of months left to figure it out.

I just hope I’m up to the task.



  1. I’m sorry. I feel like some places just are not family friendly. And I also think working moms tend to work harder than a lot of people with no kids since they are used to juggling acts. What about putting your resume out there and seeing what comes up? Can you network with anyone and let them know you are looking?


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