Things Start to Deteriorate

Liam is struggling.  He is a teenager and we all know how those teenage years can go.  Hormones are out of control, peer pressure runs rampant, and nothing seems to make sense even as you think you know everything.  It’s a hard time for kids.

One day Liam was angry at me about having to do chores.  He was getting more and more vocal about how much he hates chores and how horrible I am for making him do them.  I told him to go to his room until he could calm down and speak to me respectfully.  He told me he was leaving.  Since it was getting later, I didn’t want him walking around the neighborhood, especially in the mood he was in so I told him if he left I’d report him as a runaway.  He screamed a few obscenities at me and took off.

I waited about ten minutes and called him.  No answer.  I texted him.  No answer.  I continued to try to contact him for about ten minutes.  When I still didn’t hear from him, I called the police.  He was acting so out of control when he left that I really was afraid for him.

The police picked him up somewhere in the neighborhood and brought him back.  I gave them a brief explanation of what has been going on: fighting with Shane, screaming obscenities at all of us, not doing his chores, throwing things and punching walls, and generally scaring us with his behavior.  The officer asked if I wanted him to take the hard line or the sympathy line with him.  I told him somewhere in between.  Help him understand that his choices have consequences and treating his family the way he has been is not ok and that there can be dire consequences if it continues.

I don’t know what it is about living in this particular area but the officer even told him that I could still spank him and I would be completely in my rights.  Liam quietly told the officer that I wouldn’t do that.  The officer was taken aback by this and looked at me.  I said, “He’s right.  I don’t hit my kids.  No one deserves to be hit.”  The officer told him that he wouldn’t write him up this time but if I had to call the police again, he would be written up and would have to go in front of a judge.

It is quickly getting to the point where I’m afraid of Liam.  I will not live in fear of my own child.  I’m hoping that this little talk with the officer will help Liam understand that his behavior is not ok and that there could be potentially life-long repercussions if he continues the way he is.  Liam is a good kid.  He’s witty and resourceful.  I love how his mind works.  Lately, he’s just become a very angry young man.  I’m hoping that his counselor can help him but she can’t help him if he doesn’t open up and talk to her.  He has more appointments coming up.

I just hope he starts to make good decisions about utilizing this resource to help him get through whatever he is going through.




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