Back Child Support

I logged into my bank the other day to check on things.  I used to just look at it twice a month since I pretty much know what I have in there.  I’m buying gifts for Christmas with cash I’d saved over the past few months but need to buy a few things online.  I needed to make sure I have enough money to be able to buy what I want without it impacting my ability to pay rent soon.

I logged on and saw that my balance was thousands of dollars.  What?  Huh?  What?  How is this possible?  My first thought was that work added an extra digit to my paycheck or just plain keyed it in wrong.  I clicked on the checking link to see what deposits had been made to find a substantial deposit made to my account.  Then I looked at who had deposited it.  Child Support Services.

I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the table and bounced onto the floor.  Bubba was around $9,000 in arrears and here he is, making a huge payment.  This brings him down to about $3,000 in arrears.  Again I ask, What??????  Where in the blue fuck did he get the money to pay this lump sum?  As far as I know he was fired again a few months ago and here he is paying a nice chunk of change.

Something is up.

Bubba never does anything that doesn’t suit his purposes.  I wish I could think of Bubba in a positive light.  I wish I could look at this and think, “Wow!  He finally wants to be a good man and a good dad and take care of his kids.”  Sadly, my experience with Bubba is more along the lines of, “What the fuck is he up to now?”  Really.  What is in it for him?

Part of me is scared that the state finally caught up to him and made him sell off some possessions in order to pay this debt.  If this wasn’t 100% voluntary on Bubba’s part to pay this, what will the repercussions be to the children?  How would he take it out on them?  And what is he going to say to the kids to try to poison them against me now?

I am thrilled that money will no longer be an issue.  I can save and pinch pennies with the best of them.  This gives me a nice nest egg and a safety net.  It gives me peace of mind.  I’m not holding my breath that Bubba will get caught up or continue to pay regularly.  I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I have a good, healthy savings again after having had it depleted by my illness.

I never thought I’d be this financially stable AFTER I divorced.  These past nearly two years have seen times of being very worried about how to provide for my kids but through it all I’ve still been more financially stable than I ever was married to Bubba.  I will take this money and use it for the good of our family.  I will make sure to stash enough away for a rainy day.

I will put away worry about what Bubba is up to.  Bubba will do what Bubba will do.  There is nothing I can do about it except play damage control whenever his true intentions come out.

He isn’t worth the time I’d spend worrying about him.

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