A Day Off

I have vacation time to burn.  We can’t roll it over into the next year so if we don’t use it, we lose it.  I usually use my vacation days for doctor’s appointments for the kids but my company is generous with vacation days.  I had 14 days to use this year, even as a new employee.  I’ve decided to take some Fridays off through the end of the year along with some other days here and there to use up the remainder of my days.

I took last Friday off and planned my day.  I was going to pretend to be a stay-at-home mom for the day; going to pretend I have what I want.  I got up at my usual time of 5:30 simply because my body clock won’t allow me to sleep in.  I decided to not waste any time and got busy.  I wanted to take a pie in to the ladies at work because they love my baking.  I’d mixed up a batch of crescent rolls the night before and had them raising in the fridge.  I decided to start the pies first so I could take a nice, warm pecan pie to work before lunch.

Shane woke up as I was rolling out the first crust.  He wanted to help so I directed him to wash his hands.  Together we got the crust rolled out and into the pie plate.  I taught him how to fold the edges under and pinch the edge to make it stay in place and look nice.  We got the second one fixed and started mixing up the filling.  He was really enjoying helping me and he makes a wonderful kitchen helper.

When we got the pies in the oven, I had him get ready for school.  He was not happy about this because he wanted to stay home and help me.  Oh, how tempted I was to let him.  We were having a good morning and I really wanted to home school him.  In the end, I knew I needed a day to myself to just be free and relaxed.

Shane helped me get the crescent rolls prepared and raising in the warm kitchen.  He changed his shirt because he ended up with flour everywhere.  I had thought about taking him to before-school care to have an extra hour to myself but we were having such a good time baking together that I decided to let him just ride the bus to school.  I got him on the bus and started preparing dinner.

I had decided to make one of the kids’ favorite meals.  It is something that takes a long time to make and I simply haven’t had time to make it for quite some time.  My goal was to get everything done before lunch.  Treun had decided to take the afternoon off to spend with me.  I was quite excited about this but it did create a time crunch.

I cleaned my kitchen as the crescent rolls were raising and while my chicken for dinner was cooking.  I ended up doing dishes three times because I’d made so many dirty dishes with all of my baking and cooking.  I got dinner finished and realized it was almost 11:00!  Where had the morning gone?  I hadn’t even showered yet and I wanted to take the pie to work around 11!

I quickly washed the dinner dishes and was finishing up when Treun texted to tell me he was on his way out of work.  I told him I hadn’t even showered and he told me to get moving.  I quickly showered, fixed my hair, and got dressed.  Once again I had to chuckle at Bubba telling me I was high maintenance.  Really?  From the moment I stepped into the shower to walking out the door to deliver the pie was under 25 minutes.  It was just another thing of his that he projected onto me.

I got the pie delivered and the ladies ooooohhhed and aaahhhhhed over it.  I ran back home so I’d be here when Treun arrived.  We went to lunch and then back to his place.  We have been together for months yet we still can’t keep our hands off of each other the moment we’re alone.  Not once have I ever felt that he was in this solely for sex.  I’ve never thought that sex is the only thing he wants from me.  I feel loved and that sex stems from that.  I want to connect to him on that level because it feels so good and because it strengthens our connection.

We got back to my place in time for me to be here when Shane got off the bus.  I put dinner in the oven and heated up the crescent rolls.  Serenity chose not to eat with us as she’s being a teen who can’t be bothered to be around the adults in her life and Liam went out with friends.  Treun, Shane, and I enjoyed our dinner and I really reveled in watching Treun eat with such appreciation the meal that I had made for him.

My day off was a day of doing what I love; cooking, baking, being a home-maker – even if it was all pretend.


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