I had a friend drop me off at the hospital.  I didn’t want Treun missing another day of work for me so I told him he didn’t have to pick me up until 3:30ish.  That way he could put in for two hours off instead of four.  I walked into the hospital alone and deeply regretted my decision to not have Treun there to hold my hand.

I signed in and waited to be called for registration.  I found a little medical paper to read and found an interesting article that I wanted to keep to share with Serenity.  I was halfway through the article when they called for me.  I gave them all my information and when she handed me my paperwork and told me where to go, I nervously left the registration area and headed upstairs.  I was convinced that I would never see the light of day again.  The panic was near the surface but I knew I had to keep fighting it.  Panic would not serve me well right now.

I got up to the endoscopy area and signed in.  They had me sit in the waiting room for about 20 minutes.  I finished the article I’d started downstairs and found an article about phobias.  I wondered what the fear of doctors was called because I’m pretty sure I have that!  There were quite a few amusing ones listed, my new favorite being arachibutyrophobia – the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.  That list did a good job of keeping my mind off of what was about to happen and the time went quickly.

I was finally called back in to get ready for the procedure.  I’d taken off my earrings at home and left everything except my driver’s licence and cell phone at home.  As the nurse was handing me the hospital gown she said I’d have to take out my nose ring.  Rats!  I’d totally forgotten about that.  She said she’d get me a specimen cup to keep it in.  I got changed and pulled my nose ring out.  The nurse was utterly fascinated that it came out so easily and asked how it didn’t just fall out.  It was yet another little distraction for me.  After I gave her all my information she said she’d tell the doctor that I was ready.  I asked for something to read since I’d finished the medical paper I’d picked up downstairs.  She gave me a clinical nursing magazine and apologized for the lack of good reading.  I simply didn’t care.  I just needed something to occupy my brain.

Soon anesthesiology came to talk to me.  They would be putting me under but it was a milder drug than what I’d had before.  She said I wouldn’t remember anything and I looked at her skeptically.  Yeah, right.  The doctor soon followed and told me that he’d planned to take me down to fluoroscopy to do the procedure so he could watch but after reviewing my chart, he felt confident that it could be done right there in endoscopy.  I told him as long as I didn’t die, I was fine doing it there.

When they finally wheeled me into the endoscopy room, I was nervous and freezing!  I still don’t understand why procedure rooms are kept at sub zero temperatures.  They turned the heat up for me and got me a heated blanket.  We were waiting for the doctor so the nurse, doctor’s assistant, and anesthesiologist were keeping me entertained with stories about one of them attending a wedding.  The doctor finally arrived and I was told to roll onto my side.  Then I was told that I’d start to feel sleepy because they were giving me the medicine.  Well, first I told them to turn off that horrible noise!  There was a very loud, high-pitched buzzing happening and it was the most annoying sound I’ve ever heard.  As the assistant told me to open my mouth so she could put something in it, one of them said that it was just a side effect of the meds and……… That was the last thing I heard.

A moment later I was waking up, asking if they were going to get started soon.  I was told that they were finished and the procedure was a success.  I was shocked to discover that mere moments after I woke up, I was alert and ready to go home.  They asked if I had someone to pick me up and I asked if they could call Treun.  They called and I called and he didn’t answer.  I was getting worried that he wasn’t coming to get me when he walked in the door.  His cell phone doesn’t always get the best reception and his phone was in a dead zone inside the hospital.  He’d left work early and been there before I even expected him to be.

Treun got me home and tucked into bed.  I felt great!  The pain from the previous days was gone immediately when I woke up.  I was just exhausted and ready to take a nap.

The procedure had been a success and I could finally start the healing process and put this whole incident behind me.

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