The Pain Intensifies

I got through the rest of the day at work with no problems.  I came home and got the kids dinner and heard all about their days.  I got Shane ready for bed.

Then the pain hit.

It was like a freight train ramming through my gut.  I ran for the toilet and started throwing up again.  The last attack had been six months ago, surely I had another six months before the next one, not a measly 10 hours.  Please God, don’t let this be another attack in the same day!

As I was writhing in agony on my bathroom floor, I handed my cell phone to Serenity and asked her to call Endellion.  I wanted her opinion on how bad it had to be before I could justify a trip to the ER.  At what point does one know that this is truly an emergency and not just a case of me being a big wimp?  Endellion knew it was serious because she told Serenity if it was bad enough that I couldn’t call her myself, it was bad enough to go to the ER.  She instructed Serenity to call Treun right now to come take me to the ER.

The first time Serenity called, it went to voice mail.  I told her to call right back and keep trying until he answered.  I finally heard her say that I was in pain and I needed to go to the ER and could he please come and take me.  That was the only thing I heard until Serenity whispered in my ear, “Treun’s on his way, Mom.  He’ll be here in ten minutes.”  She stood behind me and rubbed my back while I threw up again.

In hindsight, I guess all those years of being there for them through thick and thin have paid off.  Even though Serenity cannot stand to be around people throwing up, she knew exactly what to do.  She did exactly what I’d done for her and her brothers all those years.  She rubbed my back, told me I was going to be ok, told me not to fight it, and whispered other nonsense words of comfort in my ear.  Most of them didn’t penetrate to my brain as coherent thoughts but the sympathy was there, the caring was in her tone.  I could also hear the fear.  Her precious Mama, her rock, was sick and she couldn’t fix it.  She didn’t know what was happening and she was afraid.  I so wish I could’ve saved her from that but I’m so thankful for her cool head in a crisis.  I’ve learned over the past two years that she gets that from me too.  I go on autopilot and can take charge and lead during a crisis.  I do what needs to be done just as Serenity is showing me she can too.

When Treun arrived, he got me into his truck and we headed to the ER.  What happened next is a blur of pain and I’m sure I’m not remembering the order of things accurately.  I know they gave me morphine for the pain.  They took blood and started an IV.  The doctor came in to talk to me and I told him that I’d been in to see Dr. A. that morning and she suspected my gallbladder.  He felt my stomach and I screamed when he touched me but more so in one area.  He told me that he suspected pancreatitis because if it was my gallbladder the majority of my pain would’ve been about two inches over from where the worst of it was.  I told him that my body didn’t work like his textbooks because it just never did.  He ordered an ultrasound of my gallbladder; I suspect just to disprove me.

Thankfully, by the time they took me for the u/s, the morphine had kicked in.  I was in and out of a doze but I begged Treun to go with me.  I didn’t want him away from me.  After the u/s, he told me that he thought it was my gallbladder.  He was watching the tech’s face and he said there was a moment where her guard fell and he could see something very bad in her expression.  A short while later, we got to meet a new doctor – a surgeon.  By this time it was about 11:00 pm and I could tell that Treun was weary.  The surgeon informed me that it was definitely my gallbladder and that they would be taking it out in the morning.  I asked him what time I needed to be back for the surgery.  He kind of chuckled and had to inform me that I was being admitted and that I wasn’t going anywhere.  I’m pretty sure the look on my face at that bit of information was that of a petulant child.  I did not like the idea of being admitted to the hospital.

I called Serenity to let her know what was going on and to ask her if she wanted me to have Rose come over and spend the night. She said it was late and that the boys were sleeping and she was heading to bed so it was ok.  She said she’d make sure that Shane got ready for school and I told her that Treun would be over in the morning to run him to school.  Everything was put together as much as I could for the night and the next morning.  There was nothing left to do other than tell Treun good-night and know that in the morning, I’d be having surgery.  The doctor said I’d be going home a few hours after the surgery so I was ok with letting the kids on their own for a night.

I’d have my gallbladder out and be back to work in a few days.  Little did I know…




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