Sick at Work – Part 2

It happened again.  I got sick at work in the exact same way I did the last time, right down to the intense pain and puking.  I was able to get back to my desk and call my doctor.  Thankfully, the staff at Dr. A’s office know me well enough to know that I only call when something is really wrong.  Before the divorce, they only ever saw me when I was very sick.  They don’t accept cash patients, so I wasn’t able to see her from the time my divorce was finalized until the time I got my full-time job with insurance.  I made a well-check appointment to be tested for everything under the sun since I’d had sex with Luke and Steve and wanted to make sure I was safe before Treun and I started a physical relationship.  Since they knew this about me, they got me in to see Dr. A at 11:30 that morning.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I went running for the bathroom again.  My boss was pulling the car around to drive me home when the pain disappeared as quickly as it had started.  I told her that I could go back to work and just use my lunch break for my doctor’s appointment.  She told me to go home and rest.  Since I was parked so far away and she’d pulled her car up, she drove me out to my car and I headed home.  I laid down and rested until it was time to leave to see Dr. A.

Treun came to take me to see Dr. A.  He didn’t want me driving in case the pain started again.  We waited awhile to see her since they squeezed me in.  When the nurse called me back, she checked my vitals and had me pee in a cup.  I scoffed at that because I’d asked Endellion what could cause my symptoms and she’d immediately said, “Gallbladder.”  I was thinking along those lines so I thought a UTI would not be an issue.  Sadly, I was mistaken.  She said there was a ton of blood in my urine so the doctor would be looking at it as a UTI.

The nurse put me into a room and left for a few moments.  She came back in and told me that the doctor wanted me to have a shot for the pain.  From the amount of blood in my urine, she knew I had to have been in great pain and wanted to alleviate that.  I refused at first.  I wasn’t in any pain at all then.  The nurse went out and came back in a few moments later.  The doctor really wanted me to have the pain shots.  She said the pain would come back, especially if it was my gallbladder on top of the UTI and having the pain shot would allow me to go back to work for the remainder of the day.  Oh, they know me so well!  I wanted to get back to work so I let the nurse give me the two shots for pain.  Yes, there were two so that I could get the dose that Dr. A. wanted me to have.

When I spoke to Dr. A. she said that she’d prescribe an antibiotic for the UTI and once she examined me, said she’d schedule an ultrasound of my gallbladder.  She said that it really did sound like a gallbladder attack so we’d take a look and see what was going on with it.

I went to check out and they made my u/s appointment for the following Monday morning.  Just six days away.  I just had to wait six days to see if it was, in fact, my gallbladder acting up.  I could totally make it six days.  It actually didn’t even enter my mind that I wouldn’t actually be able to make it six more days.  I was just excited to get out of the office, get home, and get back to work.  I had the pain shots in me and could get in the last 4 hours of work.  I wouldn’t have that much time to actually make up since I’d gone in early that morning and planned to work through my lunch for a couple of days to make up my lost time for the day.

The rest of the day went surprisingly quickly.  I stayed a bit late so that I would only have to make up about two hours of work during the next couple of days.  They would make for long days, but I wouldn’t have any lost time.

Or so I thought…




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