Kudos at Work

I had my middle of the year review at work last week.  I really didn’t give it much thought beforehand.  I didn’t have much time.  While at work, I’m so busy that I don’t have time to think about things in the future.  While at home, I’m too wrapped up in Treun to think about work.

I got to work that morning, knowing that in just over two hours, I’d be sitting in my boss’s office going over how I’m doing at my job.  I got busy at work and didn’t think much of it until about ten minutes before the meeting.  Then I started to get nervous.  This is a huge improvement over when I started working almost a year ago.  I know I’m doing a good job.  I know I’m still learning and that there are mistakes I’ve made but in general, I know I’m good at what I do.

I peeked into my boss’s office to see if she was ready for me.  She just had to print out my self-evaluation and the goals I had set for myself.  She hit print and I walked to the printer to pick it up.

She asked me to close the door and have a seat.  She looked over my evaluation again since she hadn’t looked at it since I’d turned it in two weeks prior.  Then she started talking.  She told me that she thinks I have an amazing work ethic, I’m very good at prioritizing and that I could teach the team some things about doing it well.  I told her that I actually wouldn’t know how to teach it as I don’t think about it, it is just something I do.  She said that I have an excellent concept of knowing what is important, what needs done right now and what is important but can wait.

She also told me that she’s had some compliments about me from customers.  She was talking to a man I’ve been helping a lot lately.  He told her wonderful I’ve been and how quickly I answer inquiries.  She told me he used to call her all the time but she’s barely heard from him since I became responsible for his account.  She called him the other day just to touch base with him since she hasn’t heard from him lately and he told her that I’m handling everything really well.  She told me about another email she received from another one of my customers.  It was a glowing email about how helpful I am and how I’m always willing to take time out of my day to go over things with her and teach her things she didn’t know, which is making her job profoundly easier to do.

My boss told me that I’m on target for receiving the highest merit increase that my company offers when the end of the year reviews come around.  She said as long as I keep up the good work, there won’t be any problem with me earning that increase.  She also told me that she plans to expand my customer base and give me more responsibility.  She knows I’m not as busy as the others on my team but she firmly believes it is because I am so good at prioritizing and because I have such a strong work ethic.  I just think my customers are easier than the others’ customers.

Today, I ran in to ask her a question while I had someone on hold.  She quickly answered it and when I turned to walk out of her office, she told me not to go anywhere yet.  She was writing on a small piece of paper so I thought she was just making herself a note and wanted to talk to me about something.  It turns out that she was nominating me for an award.  She said it was based on the email she received and she thought I deserved an award for the wonderful job I’ve been doing.  With the nomination, I get a $5 gift card to a local store and an entry into the quarterly drawing to win a large cash prize.  I am floored by this.  Honestly, I know my chances of winning that award are small, but I’m tickled to be recognized.  It means so much to me that she nominated me.

After all that time with Bubba, doubting everything about who I am and my abilities to do anything, I am getting some massively good feedback about myself.  In one way it is very surreal. I almost can’t compute that she was talking about me.  In another way, I know I am smart, I’m a good worker, and that I deserve this.  Slowly, I’m drowning out the Ghost’s voice that is trying to tell me that I’m stupid and that I don’t deserve this.  I have tangible evidence to the contrary, vile Ghost.  I am good at what I do.  I am being given kudos at work.

It’s a good feeling!

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