The Final Night

Treun and I got to spend our final night together before the kids came home.  We went out to dinner together, stopped at the grocery store for two bottles of wine, went back to my place, watched two movies, and had sex.  It was a really good evening.

The first movie we watched was a rather violent action movie.  It was actually good, although I watched most of the fight scenes with my eyes closed.  I told him to let me know when the gory parts were over.  He was very good about letting me know when I could open my eyes again.  After the first movie, we went into the bedroom and had sex.  As we were relaxing, we just snuggled and talked.  Neither of us was ready to sleep as it was rather early yet, so we decided to watch another movie.

I told him since we watched an action movie, he owed me a chick flick.  He readily agreed that he did, indeed.  I picked a comedy that I’ve seen before.  He laughed during the movie.  That is still odd to me.  No matter how funny a movie was when we watched in the past, Bubba would never laugh at things I’d picked out.  To hear Treun laugh and enjoy a movie was just fun for me.

We ended up having sex again and then going to sleep.  I slept better than I have all week.  Even though I woke up a few times, it was helpful to feel him right next to me.  When I awoke from a nightmare, I laid there and thought, “I hate waking up alone after something like that.”  Then I remembered that I wasn’t alone.  I rolled over and snuggled up to  Treun and felt immensely better.  The nightmare lost its power in that moment of connection with Treun.

We woke up in morning, went out for breakfast, then had some time to kill before leaving to get the children.  We were chatting on the couch when I looked at him, cocked my eyebrow at him, and said, “We have time for a quickie.”  He said, “I like the way you think.”  We practically ran for the bedroom.  It is so amazing to be eager for sex, to want it so much, and to know that even a quickie is going to be fun and pleasurable.

We made the most of our last night together.  We enjoyed being together and sharing ourselves.

It was a wonderful last night.


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