Drinking with Endellion

Endellion and I had a date Friday night.  It’s been so long since we’ve had an evening to Skype and drink together because I’ve been so busy with Treun.  I feel badly about this and I need to make an effort to make sure that Endellion and I continue our date nights.  I don’t want the fact that I have Treun in my life to take away from my friendship with Endellion.

We sat and drank and talked for hours on Friday night.  We laughed and strangely, we did not cry.  Usually there is a maudlin portion of our evening where we pour out all the ick we’ve been trying to just survive through.  This time was different and I think it is because we haven’t done this in so long that we just needed to enjoy being together again.  I know I needed to just enjoy Endellion.  She is truly a wonderful woman and she leaves me in awe all the time.

She can’t see it.  She can’t see how amazing she is.  I think she is starting to see a tiny inkling of it but she still hears her mother’s voice in her head telling her of all her shortcomings and that tends to override everything else.  It is hard to kill your mother’s voice in your head.  I know.  I fight Celia’s lies so much.  And I know that Endellion fights her mother’s lies too.

While we were on Skype, we were also on a FB chat with Peace.  I think Peace is rather amused by us.  I think one of these days we need to bite the bullet and pay Skype so that we can have three-way video.  For now, we do the chat thing.  Endellion and I were doing karaoke and singing our hearts out.  Endellion is a wonderful singer whereas I, well, let’s just say that is something no one wants to hear.  We were sharing songs with Peace and just laughing about life.

I know there are deep things that are concerning Endellion right now.  Practical things that she is just having a tough time getting started on.  I so wish I could swoop in and help her because I’m good with the practical stuff.  I hate that she is so many states away from me.  I hate that I can’t help her.

For this one night, we put all of our troubles behind us and we drank and we laughed and we sang.  We need nights of sheer happiness to drown out the hardships of life.  There will be plenty of time tomorrow for hardship and figuring everything out.  For one night, we could lay our burdens down and just enjoy our friendship.

Endellion and I work well together.  We hold each other up, we carry each other, we high-five each other, we support each other.  We tell each other what we see with no bullshit.  She calls me on my garbage as I call her on hers. We fight alongside each other and we celebrate alongside each other.

I don’t know what I’d do without Endellion.  I don’t know what I’d do without our Skype chats.  I don’t know what I’d do without our drinking nights.

My life would not be right without Endellion in it and I just hope she understands how truly magnificent I think she is.


  1. Amazing, amazing! I, too, have found friends who hang out in chat and on the phone, keeping each other sane, laughing, being real. A few years ago I didn’t know it could be possible to have even one friend like that, and now I have several in my life. Your description made me want to thank them again, because it is an incredibly beautiful gift to know them.

    • I’m so glad you have a few Endellions of your own. Where would we be without our friends?

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