Evening Coffee Meeting

Ok, so it technically wasn’t a “coffee” meeting since neither of us actually had coffee, but we went to Starbucks after Shane was asleep.

I’d been craving a chai tea all day at work so I texted Treun and asked if he’d like to sneak away to meet at Starbucks.  He said yes!  I got Shane to sleep in record time and headed out.  As I was leaving, Serenity and Liam were on the porch and I simply said, “I’ll be back in a bit.”  Serenity said, “Tell him I said, ‘Hi!’”  I said, “What are you talking about?” but I couldn’t keep the little smile off my face that revealed the lie (I’m such a horrid liar).  She just looked at me and cocked her eyebrow at me.

When we got there, he gave me a little kiss hello.  We went in and ordered.  I pulled out my credit card to pay and he told me to put it away.  I told him that I’d invited him.  He said he was old-fashioned that way so he paid for our drinks.  Yes, he’s old-fashioned but he also understands the hard ships of a single mom.

You see, his parents divorced when he was eleven.  He watched his mom struggle, financially, for years.  He’s commented that he would never let his ex-wife go through that so he provided for her well during and since their divorce.  He has great empathy for single moms.

We sat outside and talked for two hours!  It flew by like minutes.  I’m becoming more comfortable with him touching me and me touching him.  I think the reason is because they are not sexual touches.  They are simply, “You are here with me and I enjoy being in your space.” touches.  An acknowledgment of the other just being.  He would brush his hand along my arm as he talked.  I rested my hand on his forearm while I was telling him a story.  At one point I curled up, like I tend to do, and my toes were resting against his calf.  It was easy and just natural.  It didn’t feel like a seduction or that either of us was trying.  We just touched as part of our conversation.

I feel peaceful when I’m with him.  I find him very attractive, yet there is no big feeling of wanting to jump into bed with him.  I’m looking at him as someone I might be able to build a life with and if that is the case, then sex can wait.

Right now, I’m enjoying the feelings of ease and peace, of just spending time with him.


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