Bachelor #5

Treun emailed me last Sunday.  I’d gone to try a new church and on the way home I stopped at the grocery store.  When I got home, I got the groceries put away, and sat down to play on the computer for a bit.  I decided to check Facebook first then see if anything was happening on the dating site.

I logged in and saw that I’d gotten an email that started out, “I saw you in the grocery store about 30 minutes ago.”  Wait, what?  I emailed back because I was just so taken aback by this.  Did he see me then sign into the site and recognize me or vice versa.  I had to know.

When he replied he told me that he saw me standing in the check-out line talking to my friend (a co-worker happened to be standing behind me and we were chatting) and remembered my profile.  He said that seeing me in the store like that took me from being just another profile to being a real person.  I was simply fascinated by this.  Who is this man who noticed me in the grocery store then emailed me?  His pictures were vastly different.  One looked as if it had been taken a few years ago and the other was not flattering at all.  The only man I’d noticed in the grocery store was an older man who had an extremely large beer-belly and who walked by leaning on his grocery cart.  I was just praying that wasn’t him!  Oh, the shallowness of me!

We emailed a few times and then started texting.  On Thursday when I was talking to Bob, Treun had texted and I didn’t respond.  Friday, right before lunch, Treun texted and said something about not having heard from “her” since the previous evening and he didn’t know if “she’d” lost interest or just gotten busy.  I texted back and said, “If you’re talking about me, I just got busy.  I’m definitely still interested.”  He told me that text was meant for a friend of his who’d asked how things were going with me.  I told him that it made me laugh and oh, by the way, I’m free this evening, if you were wondering.

He asked me to dinner.

I got to the restaurant about two minutes before he did.  When he got out of his truck, I was vastly relieved to discover he was not, in fact, that beer-bellied guy from the store.  We had a very nice dinner and then he asked if I wanted to go to an ice cream shop for dessert.  Of course I did!  I was having such a nice time that I wasn’t ready to leave him yet.  We got our ice cream, sat down, started talking, and got kicked out two hours later when the ice cream shop closed for the night.  We stood outside and talked for another 20 minutes.

Treun asked if it was alright if he gave me a hug or if I would prefer not to.  I consented and he gave me a hug.  He stepped back and looked at me like he was going to kiss me.  He stroked the side of my hair instead and said something about not knowing what is ok to do and what is not ok to do in these instances.  He said it was as awkward as being a teenager again.  I definitely agree with that.

It was a nice evening, full of pleasant conversation.  He gives me the impression of someone who is settled, steady, stable.  If I’m completely honest with myself, he gives me the impression of what I think a husband should be like.  I was boggled by my thoughts in that direction.  One date and I’ m comparing him to my views of what a husband should be like?  WTF?

And to be even more honest, I’m concerned that I feel as comfortable as I do with him because he reminds me of Luke.  They are very similarly built and Treun’s smile and the way he moves his mouth just are so eerily similar to Luke.  I’m sure Endellion and I are going to have to unpack this.


Right now I’m just going to bask in having had a nice date and hope he asks me out again.



  1. Sascha

    😀 I like this… 🙂

    • Thanks! I do too. Especially since the grocery store I went to that day is a grocery story I rarely go to since it is out of my way. Since I’d been at that particular church, I took advantage of being on that side of town and stopped at that particular grocery store. It was a crazy, random happenstance.


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