When I Mess Up at Work

I got an email from my boss yesterday afternoon.  She asked me to print off an invoice and come to her office.  I knew right away that I’d messed up something, I just didn’t know what.  Also, I was NOT freaking out about it.  My boss has been amazing and doesn’t view mistakes as necessarily a bad thing, she uses them to train and teach.  I absolutely love learning from her.  Whereas if I ask one of my co-workers, I get that answer.  If I ask my boss the same question, I’ll get that answer and how it can tie in with about three other things.  She is full of knowledge and she is very willing to share it!

I printed off the invoice, went into her office, and my lesson began.  I had mis-keyed ONE thing that changed the entire way the invoice was processed.  Thankfully, someone in finance figured out what had happened and told my boss so that it could be fixed.  It was a two step process to fix it and she explained how my mis-key had it processed vs. had I keyed it correctly.  She explained why we had to fix it the way we did.  In a very round-about way she was reassuring that these things happen, it was no big deal, and it was a relatively easy fix.  She has never once made me feel bad for making a mistake.

Also, she asks me to come to her office often enough for special little projects and just to show me something that it isn’t any big deal to go to her office.  It isn’t like being called to the principal’s office at all.

One day last week, I’d gone almost an entire day without seeing her.  Things had been easy and I hadn’t had any tough questions.  Around 3:30 she came out and asked if I’d been there all day.  Of course I had, I’d just been at my desk, swamped with my work.  She said she’d wondered because she hadn’t seen me all day.  Not ten minutes later, something came up that I needed to ask her about.  Then about twenty minutes later, it happened again.  She told me that asking me if I was here didn’t mean that she needed to see me every ten minutes for the rest of the day.  She has a good sense of humor too!

Generally speaking, I really do like my job.  I have big feelings about needing to work full-time and feeling as if I am failing my children by being absent so much, but I’m thankful for the job that I have.  I like my co-workers and my boss.  The work, while fast-paced and challenging, is not overwhelming (for the most part).

I am truly blessed to have the job I do.


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