Steve texted on Tuesday to see how I was doing and to check on Shane.  Then he asked if he could meet me in the parking lot across from my work to give me a hug when I was done with my day.  The man was willing to drive an hour, round-trip, to simply give me a hug.

I had trouble wrapping my brain around that one.  Really?  You want to drive an hour to give me a hug?  Seriously?

And that is exactly what he did.  Tuesday and Wednesday both!  We met in the parking lot of the store across from my work at 5:05 both days and he simply held me for 20 minutes each day.  We talked and laughed and I felt protected and cared for.  It was amazing to me that this man exists and moreso, wants me.  I keep asking myself, “What do I do with this?”  I don’t know how to process this.  Not even a little bit.

On Tuesday, I asked him to text me when he got home so I knew he made it safely.  We ended up talking on the phone later just because we’ve been talking most evenings.  He asked me what kind of take-out we like.  I told him that the kids love Chinese food.  He said, “I’m going to give you money tomorrow for dinner.  Then you don’t have to worry about cooking.”  Say what?  Run that by me one more time?

I thought, “Yeah, right. He’ll forget about it.  Men don’t follow through on what they say.”  On Wednesday, I pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car, and as he held his arms out to me, pressed $40 into my hand and told me that was for dinner.  Then he wrapped me in his arms and held tight.  I’m glad he couldn’t see my face at that point because I’m pretty sure I looked downright confused by the whole thing.  Not only had he said it, he’d done it.  And he had wasted no time.  It was the first thing he’d done upon seeing me.

After we parted, I went to the kids’ favorite restaurant and got their favorite meals.  I walked in the house and cheers broke out!  They were so excited!  They quickly cleaned off the table and we sat and and ate.  We talked and laughed and it was the most relaxed we’ve all been in a long time.  We had a very enjoyable meal.  The children even got along the rest of the evening!

Steve called later and I told him the miracle the food worked on the kids.  He was so pleased that we’d had such a good evening.  He’s genuinely interested in making me happy.  He wants me to be happy.  I’m boggled by this.  Absolutely boggled.  He wants me to be happy.  He cares about me!  And the funny thing is that it seems to make him happy too.

Simply boggled.



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