Bachelor #3

I am getting more bold about sending emails.  I figure, “What have I got to lose?” I emailed Steve and he emailed back.  We exchanged a couple small emails and he said his subscription is running out and gave me his number to call.  I asked if he texted since I’d been getting Shane to sleep and couldn’t talk.  We spent yesterday evening texting.  I told him I couldn’t text between 8am and 5pm while I was at work but I decided to text him during lunch.

Steve earned points right from the beginning when he said he registered his nearly 4 year old son for pre-K and asked me to pray that he got in.  We’d only exchanged a few texts at that point and he felt comfortable enough to ask me to pray for him.

Then this afternoon, right as I was leaving work to come home for lunch, he texted and said he knew I couldn’t answer but he wanted to let me know that his son got in and wanted to thank me for praying.

Tonight, in the course of texting, I found out he co-sleeps a lot with his son.  Even in text, I can see how much he loves his little boy.

I’m desperately trying to not get excited about this.  First, do I really want to get involved with a man who has a not quite 4 year old?  I went in to this thinking that I would prefer it if any potential men in my life had grown or nearly grown children.  Dating a man with a 4 year old is taking over a 4 year step back in time.  If we’d get serious, that would be 4 extra years that I’d have to wait to have an empty nest.  Is that something I want to consider?  Why even go any further talking to him if it isn’t something I can live with?  I’ll have to give this some serious thought.  Then again, if he is this caring of his son, would that be a better chance he’d have of understanding Shane?

Complicating matters is his faith.  It is marvelous to see, but how is this going to play out?  He has listed on his profile that he is a Baptist.  That strikes terror into my heart because I was attending a Baptist church and they were the ones telling me that everything wrong with my marriage was my fault for not being a Godly enough wife.

Even with those two things, I’ve really enjoyed texting with Steve.  I do want to meet him and see if there are any sparks.  I know that I’m going to have to seriously consider his son’s age.  I have time to think about that.  It is the faith thing that really concerns me.  He sounds like he is close to God – that they have a relationship.  I just have to find out if there is any legalism in there before I can seriously consider dating him.  I can’t go back to Fundy Land.  I simply wouldn’t survive another round there.

So far, though, Bachelor #3 has a lot of potential that is going to be worth exploring a bit.

I don’t want to just write him off because of these two things.




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