Bachelor #2

I started texting with Bill while also talking to Quentin.  I wasn’t that enthusiastic about Bill because I was really enjoying my time with Quentin.  Bill has been pleasant to text with and he finally asked if he could call last night.  I told him that I’d text until after I got Shane to sleep.

He called about 30 minutes after I texted him.  We only talked for 20 minutes but he was nice to talk to.  He asked how long I’ve lived here and what brought me here.  When he realized that I moved here with my ex, he asked where my family lives.  I told him they lived in another state.  He said that it must be a long trip to go see them.  I told him that it wasn’t an issue because they aren’t in my life.  He asked about siblings and I told him where they were too and that I wasn’t in contact with them either.  He seemed a bit shocked until I told him that they didn’t agree with me filing for divorce so they had sided with my ex.  I left it at that.  Earlier in the conversation he’d asked where my ex lived and I told him that apparently my ex had moved to another state last weekend.  He said, “Is he a real jerk?”  I said, “He has issues.  We’ll leave it at that.”

I was pretty sure that after that conversation he would run for the hills.  He actually texted a bit later to say good-night and that he’d enjoyed talking to me and is looking forward to meeting me.

He’s been divorced for 10 years.  His son is the same age as Liam.  We talked quite a bit about our boys.  He isn’t seeing the aggression in his boy like I am in Liam but he said that is probably because he’s a man so his son probably holds back.  He admitted that he can’t get his son to do anything to help around the house.  I told him that Liam did but not without massive amounts of whining, complaining, and downright forgetting how to do things.  He talks to his parents every day.  (Yeah, that does worry me.)

After he said good-night, I actually got on the dating site and emailed five men.  I still can’t believe I did that.  I’ve decided that I have nothing to lose by putting myself out there and trying.  I’m not going to let the fact that Quentin turned out to be like he was scare me away from having fun and possibly finding someone I can spend the rest of my life with.

I’m looking forward to meeting Bill.  I’m hoping he asks me out for this weekend.




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