We Talked!

Quentin and I have been texting all week long.  There have been quite a few texts that had me grinning ear to ear.  There have also been some that had me actually laughing out loud.  I’ve really been enjoying our texts and I’ve also been wondering if he was ever going to ask me out.

He made first contact.  He gave me his number first to move into texting.  Then I gave him my home number and suggested we talk.  I don’t want him leading everything, I want some back and forth.  I also don’t want t come off as a pushy female.  I don’t know if he’s old fashioned or modern in that regard.  Would he like to lead?  Would he like me to sometimes lead?  Since I have no way of knowing, the only thing I can do is be me.

He was supposed to call two nights ago.  I texted him after I’d gotten Shane to sleep and nothing.  No call, no text.  I waited 30 minutes and sent him a text that said, “Bueller?  Bueller?”  It was another 10 minutes before he texted back, “My kids called.  Sorry.”  Well, that totally explained things.  I’ve told him before that I go to bed around 9, so he might’ve figured it was too late to call.

Yesterday, I told him I’d be free after 8ish.  It was Shane’s night to stay up a bit late because of a standing appointment so I wanted him to know I’d be late if he wanted to call.  He called during our appointment to see if he could call yet.  I replied, “Still in appointment.”

I finally got Shane to sleep and told Quentin that he could call.  He did.  Oh my!  He has such a nice voice.  We ended up talking for almost an hour.

At one point he asked what I was looking for in the dating scene.  (I love that he took that bull by the horns!)  I told him I’m looking for friendship and if something develops from that, that is great.  I told him that there is no pressure, I simply want to get to know him and that a handshake would be just fine for the first few dates.  He then said, “Or a high-five!”  I told him that a high-five would be good too.  I’ve placed the body boundary and I’m really praying that he respects it.  He’s a military man so I’m confident that he will.  Frankly, I’d be shocked if he didn’t respect it.

I gave him a tiny peek into why I left Bubba.  Time will tell if he’s to be trusted with the story or not.  For right now, all he needs to know is that it wasn’t amicable and the Bubba rarely sees the children.  I’ve also told him that child support is garnished because Bubba doesn’t pay it on his own.  I’m giving him a small picture of what I was married to.  He won’t suspect the extent of it.  I won’t tell him the extent of it – at least not for awhile.  The story will have to come out in bits and pieces.  I want him to get to know me and the strong, caring, confident woman I am now before he learns that I used to be a victim.  I want to show him the good things I’ve become as a survivor first.

I was reluctant to get off the phone but it was getting late and I needed to get to sleep.  He asked me, “So what do you think?”  I said, “About what?”  He said, “About me, this phone call.”  I told him I enjoyed talking to him and was looking forward to our date on Saturday.

Yes, he asked me out before we talked on the phone!  We’re going to a casual little seafood place on Saturday.  When we were talking he couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant, so I’ll have to wait to figure out what to wear.  I’m very excited about meeting him now that we’ve talked on the phone.

This is definitely an adventure!


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