Another Party

Sean’s sister invited me to the surprise birthday party she is throwing for their mother Rose in two weeks.  My first thought was, “Oh this is going to be awkward.”  I love Rose so I know I’ll go and I know I’ll have a good time.  Still, it is going to be awkward with Sean and his new girlfriend there.

I know I can handle it.  Yes, I was rather bitchy to Sean at the party Rose had at her house before because of all the stuff going on with us back then, but this time will be different.  I’m not in the same place I was back then.  I’m resigned to the fact that we are no longer friends.  I am resigned to the fact that he chose to be an ass about the whole thing.

I’m going in to this with my eyes open and viewing Sean as I would any other acquaintance.  I’ll act politely toward him.  I know I will come off as aloof but that is ok.  I really don’t have time for him and his drama.  I plan to show him that I’m just fine without him and he will never know that I miss him terribly or that I’m still resentful that he called me a tease.  He doesn’t get to know anything about me now.

I’m really hoping that his kids will be there for Rose’s party.  I know Shane will be off playing with the kids.  Serenity and Liam will hang out with Andy.  I’m not sure about Sara.  I have a feeling, she’ll stay near me.  I really miss that girl!  It’s been entirely too long since she’s come to visit.

I’m looking at this as another chance to meet new people.  You never know when someone will be somewhere and a mutual interest will be sparked.  I’m always on the look-out for new friends so I’ll take this opportunity to celebrate Rose and to see what connections I can make in the community.

I’m actually looking forward to it.



  1. Sounds like your outlook is getting a bit brighter…I’ll hope and hope the party goes well minus any awkwardness. 🙂

    • My outlook is a work in progress. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so much.

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