Online Dating – Getting Serious About It

After yesterday’s epiphany at church, I realized that I can’t continue to live my life just waiting for something to happen.  It is time to take the bull by the horns and get serious about meeting some men.

Since my job does not lend itself to meeting men and I have no social life outside of the friends I have already, I decided it was time to get serious about trying internet dating again.  I joined a website and paid for a three month subscription.

Before I paid, I decided to look around at what type of men were on there.  I saw two that I recognize from the free site I used last year.  One is a very handsome man who I had sent a message to on the other site.  He never responded on there so we’ll see if we can connect on here.  I’m not holding my breath however.

It took me all day to decide to join and it took quite a bit of arguing with myself to plop that money down and actually buy the subscription.  Part of me still believes I’m not worth spending this money on.  Part of me thinks that I shouldn’t have to pay to join a website to meet men.  Part of me is quite excited that I finally talked myself into doing it.

I’m at  a totally different place this time around than I was last time.  I’m not willing to settle.  I know that my non-negotiables are absolutely non-negotiables.  No smoking.  Period.  At all.

I went shopping with Sean’s Mom, Rose, yesterday.  I told her I was considering it.  I then described my ideal man.  I told her that I’d been describing him earlier to Serenity and Serenity had said, “You do realize you are describing Luke, right?”  Ugh.  I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I most definitely was.  I think that is what pushed me over the edge to joining.  I need to expand my horizons.  I also realized while describing my ideal man to Rose that I was describing the antithesis of Sean.  I don’t know whether she caught on to it, but it’s probably a good bet that she did.  One of my criteria is a full head of hair that I can just dig my fingers into.

I’m excited to start this new adventure.  I know it is time since I’m more excited than scared this time around.  I’m looking forward to what the next three months will bring.

I have hope again.


  1. I think it’s definitely good to realize your non-negotiable points. I have some in my mind for my next relationship. Also, be kind to yourself and start thinking you are valuable. If you have to do positive self talk everyday or stick post it notes up on the fridge or a mirror…do it. 🙂


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