In Which I Receive a Text

I haven’t talked to Sean since the night our friendship ended.  I said good-bye to him that night.  I told him we couldn’t be friends.  Then the girlfriend happened less than two weeks later.  Well, it’s been about three weeks since we talked last.

Today, out of the blue, he texted to tell me to have a good day.  Really?  Seriously?  Out of the blue, he is going to text me like he has a right to?

I texted Endellion to tell her.  I told her that he has some big, brass ones.  I also wonder if his girlfriend knows he’s texting the woman who offered him FWB less than two months ago.  Does she even know about me?

I’m totally floored that he would think texting me out of the blue is acceptable.  I didn’t respond.  Really, what is there to say?  What could I possibly reply to him that would be beneficial in any way?

“I hope you have a great day too.”  Translation: We’re still friends and it is ok for you to text me at random times.

“Fuck off, asshole!”  Translation: She wants me because she wouldn’t be this pissed if she didn’t.

“Really?  You text after all that garbage?”  Translation: You really got to me and it bothers me.

Any response at all would have him thinking that I’m somehow invested in this.  I’m not anymore.  I’m mourning.  I’m sad.  He doesn’t need to know that.  And he doesn’t get to have me respond to him any longer.   He lost that privilege when he chose to ignore me for twelve days then call me a tease.

I refuse to think about the little skip my heart did when I saw his name pop up when he texted.  I refuse to think about the three nanoseconds that I hoped he’d texted to tell me he broke up with her and he missed me.  Even if I thought about it, it wouldn’t make a difference.  He chose his actions.  There are no more chances for him.  After he moved on so quickly to another woman, I no longer want him.

She is welcome to him.  She is welcome to have a boyfriend who lives with his mother and shares a room with his 10 year old nephew.

That isn’t something I want in my life.


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