It’s Going to Be a Long Day

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, feeling a bit sick to my stomach.  Why is it that on days I have to drive the kids to Bubba, I’m up at ungodly hours and can’t go back to sleep?  My stomach is rebelling and I’m already tired.

I have to work from 8-5 today.  I’m actually excited about that because there is always a possibility that I will run into a certain man that I have a tiny crush on.  I got to see him this week and talk to him.  He wants to know when I’m baking again and when I do, I better let them know.  I think next Sunday, I’ll make a cheesecake to take to work.

There is also the possibility that I’ll be meeting a new man today.  It is a very slim possibility but for now, it is business and I’m enjoying talking to him on the phone and emailing.  I’m learning a lot about the products I’m selling from him.  He told me he is on the road until today and he’d show me pictures today of the product I’ve been confused about.  I don’t know if he meant that he’d email them to me or that he’s going to stop in and show me.  I have no idea, but the possibility is there.

I broke down and looked him up on the company’s employee listing.  From his picture (and I have no idea how old that may be), he looks to be about 10 years older than me.  There is also no way to know if he’s married.  I’m just looking at this as an opportunity to get more comfortable talking to men.

After work, I have to make the trip to meet up with Bubba so he can have visitation this weekend.  I hate calling it visitation.  It should be called parenting time, but I know he is still (and probably always will) just playing “fun-time” dad.  There is no actual parenting involved.

I’m probably not going to be home until midnight.  I’m concerned about being caught in traffic on the way over.  We split the driving distance, but I have to go right through a major city and traffic is always unpredictable.  Since I’ve had to take extra time off these past two weeks for Shane’s stuff, I didn’t ask to get off of work early.  Maybe if it is slow this afternoon, I’ll see if I can leave 30 minutes early.  I just don’t know.  I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my job.

I just know that today is going to be very long.  I’m looking at being awake for about 20 hours.

Yes, a very long day indeed.


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  1. Sorry it’s going to be such a long day. Hope tomorrow is better.

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