WTF? I Don’t Get It!

When Sean and I talked yesterday and I asked him what was going on with us, he said we could still be friends.  I asked him twice why he disappeared  on me and neither time did I get an acceptable answer.  At one point he told me that he can’t take being teased to all hell and back.

This morning that is really bothering me.  WTF?  I hadn’t been aware that I was teasing him and that he didn’t like it.  He never communicated this to me.  I was extremely up front and honest about where I stood in all of this.  He’s been avoiding me.

He said he was making it easier on me.  Again I ask, WTF?  Easier on me how?  I left so much unsaid because, after reading Celia’s letter, I simply didn’t have the energy to call him on his bullshit.  The more he talked, the less he actually said.  It was then that I realized that I was definitely getting my closure.

He is not capable of an adult relationship any more than I am at this point.  For all of his big talk about communication, he is really very bad at it; instead hiding away and avoiding me.  I’m regularly left to wonder where he disappeared to and why.  I can’t do this anymore.

I know I’ve said this repeatedly but this time is different.  It is easier to break the ties now that we have some distance between us.  I just need to maintain the distance.

I don’t understand the man.  I never will.  I will classify him as a “WTF?” and go on from here.  Any interaction in the future will be instigated by him because I’m just done with it.  I can’t rely on him for anything and I understand that now.  I’m sad that I lost a friend but had this not happened, I would’ve continually been going through this same thing over and over.  I would’ve continued giving him one more chance not to disappear on me because that is what friends do.  I can clearly see now that we aren’t meant to be anything more than neighbors because friends simply don’t treat each other the way he’s treated me.  I will be civil if I see him outside.  That is as far as it is going to go.  Our friendship is over.

Yes, communication is important.  However, it only works if you use it.




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