Renewing My Committment to Remaining Manless

Apparently, Sean has a girlfriend.

He’s had a migraine all week and when I went over to check on him after work yesterday, he looked like a chipmunk who was preparing for winter.  His entire face was swollen.  He had an abscessed tooth and had it cut out yesterday.  I felt so bad for him.  I can’t even imagine the amount of pain he’s been in this week then to have a tooth cut out because it was so badly infected.  I sat on the porch with him and rubbed his back a bit, hoping to ease some of his pain.  Touch has been coming easier with Sean so this didn’t seem like a big deal.

I had to get going because I needed to get Shane to bed, but I told him I’d be back after Shane was asleep.  I got Shane to sleep and texted Serenity to see where she’d gotten off to.  She was at Sean’s house, talking to his mom and sister.  I went over to visit with them for a bit, hoping that Sean was sleeping.

On my way over, I noticed that his ex-girlfriend’s car was parked there.  I’d rarely seen her around even though I thought they remained friendly.  When I got in the house, Sean’s nephew was playing the piano.  Sean’s door was shut and I asked if he was sleeping finally.  They said that he was laying down and that Lisa was with him.  Warning bells started going off in my head.  Why would he be behind closed doors with his ex-girlfriend?

I started playing the piano and saw Sean and Lisa leave his room and head to the back of the house.  They were headed out to smoke.  I enjoyed playing the piano and talking to Sean’s mom, sister, and Serenity.  It felt so good to be playing again and just enjoying their company.

I headed home and asked Andy if Lisa was Sean’s girlfriend.  He said, “Yep.”  I just thought that was quite interesting.  Sean hadn’t mentioned it to me at all.  To me, it had seemed that he was once again ramping up his pursuit of me.  I decided to reserve total judgment until I could talk to Sean about it though.

I finally saw Sean outside late this morning and walked over to check on him again.  After telling him he looked a bit better than the day before, I asked if I could ask him a question.  He told me I could so I asked if Lisa is his girlfriend.  He didn’t hesitate to say, “We’re just friends.”

Later, I asked his sister if they were together (oh, forgive me for not believing a man!) or not.  She said that she keeps telling him that he needs to just put a ring on her finger and that she doesn’t know what is really going on with them.  I had to laugh because it was very obvious that Sean’s sister really wants him to marry Lisa.

I went over later that evening to take Sean an ice pack.  Since I’m naturally motherly, I got him all tucked in to bed with the ice pack and he asked if I was mad at him about Lisa.  I told him I was just curious and that if she was his girlfriend it was none of my business.  He stated again that they are just friends and I told him that his entire family has different ideas and plans for him.  He told me they could believe anything they wanted but it didn’t change the fact that they were just friends.

Even knowing for sure, straight from the horse’s mouth, I decided to recommit to remaining manless – through the end of 2013.  No more dating, no more thinking about men, nothing.  I’m just going to concentrate on continuing to heal and taking care of my kids.

No more men!



  1. oh really? god, men sometimes… way to go Sean..
    and with what you’re writing here, I’m afraid to say that I don’t quite believe him, I think there’s more.
    And if not already, there will be more. Since his family already thinks that they are together, so I’m assuming they are pushing it a bit, and since his sister wants them to marry..
    new and better!
    But maybe staying manless for a while is a good idea indeed x

    • Well, his family already has Serenity and Andy married too! lol Sean and Lisa have known each other since high school, have dated on and off during the years, so I see his family’s point. FWIW, I believe him.

      • good thing you believe him 🙂


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