I Like Mondays!

I’m so thankful it is Monday morning once again.  I can get back to work and be so busy all week that I don’t have time to think…..and dream.

I especially like the mornings.  I don’t have time to roll over and miss the man who should be beside me – the one I want to be beside me.  That faceless, nameless man whom I feel to be missing in my life.

I’ve always heard women talking when they describe wanting more children and how it feels.  I’ve heard them say that they feel like a child is missing.  They don’t know when that child will make an appearance but they feel their absence.  If they have three children, they are constantly looking for the fourth one.  They know, just know, that someone is missing.  I finally understand that feeling a bit.  I feel like there is a man out there for me and he’s just not here yet.  I don’t know who he is or if I ever will, but I feel like he’s out there – wanting me as much as I’m wanting him – and unsure, too, if we’ll ever find each other.

But it’s Monday once again.  Another being gone for 45 hours during the next five days.  Another five evenings of rushing home to fix dinner, check homework, figure out what to wear the next day, get the kids in bed, and collapse into bed myself.  There won’t be time to miss the man who isn’t sleeping beside me.  There won’t be time to dream of him and wonder who he is.  There won’t be time to lay in bed and yearn to reach out and take him in my arms and feel his skin under my hands or feel his hands on my skin.

So while the rest of the working world is dreading Monday morning and the start of the work week, I’m excited.  Five days of not thinking, not dreaming, not wondering.

I like Mondays!



  1. it is Monday there? in here it’s Thursday o_O

  2. Sadly I can understand not wanting to think or dream. I exhaust myself cleaning or anything else I can think to do sometimes, trying to quiet my mind.

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