Why am I now contemplating moving North?  One of the reasons is the weather.

I miss seasons.  I miss having a beautiful blooming spring.  I love watching the daffodils bloom around town.  I miss checking the trees for tiny little buds and getting so very excited when I see their redness pop onto the branches.  I miss seeing all the trees unfurl those tiny little buds and watching the leaves grow into their full potential.  I love watching nature come back to life after the deep freeze of winter.

I miss summer.  Summer in the North, while hot, is just different than summer in the South.  There is a certain lazy, hazy quality to summer that just invites impromptu picnics and cook-outs with friends.  Here in the South, the summer means you spend your time hibernating in the house and you avoid leaving the air-conditioning at all costs.  Northern summers have breezes that don’t always fry your lungs.  You can find a nice shady spot to sit and relax.  And if it happens to be too hot that day to do that, you know that a cold front is just waiting to come through to relieve the heat.  Summers are mercurial there.  If you don’t like the weather one day you just wait to see what the weather will be like the next.

I miss fall!!!!  Fall is my favorite (just a tid bit more than Spring).  I love the smell in the air.  I love the crispness of the night.  I love the changing of the leaves.  There is a certain quality to October that makes you want to build a fire, roast marshmallows, and snuggle up with your honey, just watching the flames dance.  I love the harvest feel of fall; the decorations with hay bales and scarecrows.  There is nothing quite like putting on a turtleneck and sweatshirt and going to a Friday night high school football game.  Fall is the evening of the seasons.  It is the time when you can just watch the world getting drowsy and ready for bed and the nice winter’s sleep that follows.

I even miss winter.  Yes, winter is my least favorite season.  Sometimes, it is something to be tolerated until Spring rolls around once again.  February and March will possibly drive me mad with longing for Spring to finally arrive.  However, I love the Christmas season.  I love the potential for a white Christmas.  I love curling up by a roaring fire with my knitting.  I love knitting things for loved ones.  I love seeing my kids walk around in the socks I’ve made for them.  I love watching the snow fall.  I love walking in the snow.

Having seasons again would make the move worth it alone.  I miss seasons.  Spring and Fall last about 3 days each down here.  It is either the cold of winter or the heat of an intolerably long summer.  A happy medium, weather-wise, is a very rare occurrence.  Having seasons also means less bugs.  The bugs down here are mutant size.  It gets cold but not cold enough and not long enough to actually make a dent in the population of the icky, crawlies.

I think living in an area with seasons again will be a joy for me.


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