The Five Year Plan

Serenity graduates in the next year.

Liam graduates a few years later.

I’m working on the Five-Year Plan.  I need to get out of the South.  Even though, when I moved into this house, I said I wanted to stay forever, I want out of the South.  I would like to be married within the next five years.  I’m not getting any younger so finding a mate is something that I want to work toward.  I want to have an established career.  I want to be able to support myself and my children and put whatever money Bubba pays in child support into savings accounts for the kids.

My original plan was to finish my schooling by this next summer.  With Bubba out of work, I can’t rely on child support coming through at the level it is supposed to, so I have to concentrate on finding a job that can support the kids and me.  I’m going to go to a temp agency tomorrow and see what they can find for me.  My ideal would be a temp-to-hire position that is Monday-Friday during the day.  With Shane, I need to have weekends and evenings free.  I need something that I can move into full-time that has benefits.

I’m looking at finding something that I can make enough to be able to afford the rest of my education so that I can finish right after Serenity graduates.  Then I can begin looking for a job wherever I want to live.

Having had that discussion with Luke the other day, I can potentially look in my home state.  Oddly, the thought of moving back near The Family doesn’t strike terror into my heart the way it once did.  Right now the plan is to be able to afford to take a small vacation next year to be able to go up to my hometown and visit with Luke for a week.  I’ll see how that goes – if I run into anyone from The Family.  I’ll see how it feels to be back there.

I could conceivably move up there after I finish school in the summer of 2014: less than two years from now.  I could also wait until Liam graduates from school: as long as five years from now.  I don’t like the idea of moving in the middle of the school year but I’ll do it if I find a job in my chosen field.  I think it would be better to move him in the middle of 10th grade rather than at the end of 10th grade.  I would like to move sooner rather than later.

I can find a place to live up there relatively close to Luke.  I don’t have to be in the exact same area, but within 30 minutes would be nice.  I’m not sure what school district I’d like to live in.  I have plenty of time to research and decide.  I never wanted to live in the neighboring school district because of the size but that is no longer a concern.  The schools down here are huge so Liam will be used to it.

I’m not contemplating this move solely to be near Luke – that just happens to be one of the factors involved.  If it would work out between us, great.  If it wouldn’t work out between us, great.  I know that God knows what is going to happen in my life and I trust him to guide me.

I won’t be moving North for a man.  Yes, he will be one of the motivating factors to get me to go back up there again, but he is far from the sole reason.  It wasn’t until I finally asked him about the potential for us that I realized how very, very much I hate living in the South.  I knew I didn’t like it, but I didn’t realize how very much I need to leave the South until then. The whole culture down here is so aggravating.

I know today’s youth are very mobile and will move to where they can find work.  If I can settle in the North before the boys are out of school, I have a better chance of them finding work up there and staying put.  I selfishly don’t want my grandchildren raised in the South.  I’ve personally encountered too much ick regarding how I’ve chosen to raise my kids down here.  Spanking is a way of life and it is taught from the pulpit.  I want my children to be able to find a church more easily than I can because down here, the Tripps, Pearls, and Ezzos of the world have invaded the church and are part of their teachings.

This is only part of my thought process about moving North again.  There is so much more involved.  I’ll just have to pick at it as it pops into my brain.  That is the quick version of the Five-Year Plan.

(And yes, I realize that this is over 800 words but for me, that is the short version.)



  1. Michelle

    Hope, I think you should edit this. I think you might have used your daughters real name. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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