Drama Queen

Last night, Sean decided to act like a 12 year old drama queen.  He sent me a kiss-off text – “I won’t call or text anymore because I know you don’t want anything to do with me.”  Huh?  Where the hell did that come from?  I simply can’t figure out what I did to give him the impression that I no longer want to be his friend.

I’ve been sitting in my house, stewing, because he decided to act like this and take my friend away from me.  I’ve wanted to march my butt across the street for over a week now and give him a piece of my mind.  I’ve restrained myself though because I was mad enough that nothing would’ve been accomplished by it.  ”Don’t engage the crazy.” is still one of my favorite mottos.

Yesterday, Andy, Sean’s son, called and told me he got a new dog and asked me to come over and see it.  Thankfully, when I got there no one was around.  I visited with Andy for a few minutes, marveled at the size of the “puppy” (that dog is going to be a monster when it is fully grown), then decided to skedaddle.  I didn’t skedaddle quite fast enough and Sean came out to the living room.  I had to make pleasant small-talk when all I really wanted to do was rip his head off.  His mother came out to chat with us too, and one simply cannot rip someone else’s head off with their mother and son in the room.

He criticized my baking while I was there.  He said the last batch of cookies I’d made were a bit overbaked!  Can you believe the nerve?  When I got home, I texted him, “It is never a wise decision to criticize your supplier.”  He ended up calling me beautiful so I told him he had to stop with the names.  Then he said his girlfriend says it’s just part of his personality.  I asked, “Girlfriend?”  He replied that the other day after I seemed agitated and he wasn’t sure if I still wanted to be friends or not, an old friend came over and now they’re dating, basically.  Oh, I just saw red.  HE wasn’t sure I still wanted to be friends?

Yeah, I marched my butt over there and told him a thing or two.  I actually told him that sending texts saying, “This is the last time I’ll call or text again.” are him acting like a 12 year old drama queen.  I was not happy.  He did apologize.  Then I apologized for calling him a 12 year old drama queen.  He admitted that I was right about it though.  I told him that even though I was right, it still wasn’t kind to call him names.

I told him I’ve been sitting in my house, trying not to march over there and give him a piece of my mind because it is never a good idea to speak when one is furious.  He said he’s been sitting over there, miserable, because we weren’t friends anymore.  I think we are on very tentative footing as friends.  I think it will remain that way for a long time.

Who knows if the girlfriend is real or not.  He shifts with the wind.  I’m much more comfortable as friends now that he says he has a girlfriend.  If he’s trying to please her, he shouldn’t be too worried about trying to impress me or change my mind.




  1. I liked this post, and I actually like that you marched over there to give him a piece of your mind. Sounds like he had it coming for a bit. Can’t wait to read more!x

    • He really did have it coming! And I still can’t believe I’m in a place where I can tell a man what I think. At that point, I was still so upset that I didn’t care about possible repercussions. I just thought he needed to be told a thing or two!

      • and I’m glad you did! 😀 x


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