Family Court – Round 2

About five days before we were due back in family court, Bubba emailed me with a concern he had.  He’d apparently been watching Serenity’s phone records now too.  Bubba seemed very concerned that there were some texts between Serenity and Luke.  He wanted to know what was going on and why were they texting.  I simply told him that if he wanted to know why his daughter was doing something, he should ask her himself.  I told him that I’d been sitting beside her during every text (there were about 40 total over a 3 month period and one exchange was between Luke and me because I’d dropped my phone in water and had it sitting in rice) and that I saw nothing to be concerned about.  I told Bubba that Serenity and Luke were actually picking on me – that was the sole reason for their texts.

Since Bubba didn’t respond to that email, I thought he was being reasonable and that what I’d said to him settled the matter.  I was wrong.

Apparently, Bubba did not like my response and took it straight to the Guardian ad Litem (GAL).  She, in turn, took it straight to the judge, without even asking me about it.

I showed up 30 minutes early for court, as instructed by my lawyer.  We waited and waited for Bubba to show up.  He never did.  Our lawyers and GAL went in to talk to the judge without me since Bubba wasn’t there.  I didn’t like the idea but I wasn’t far enough in my healing or strong enough to stand up against this.  I thought it was nuts that they would all go into the court room and discuss MY divorce without me present because Bubba wasn’t there.

My lawyer came out very upset with me.  He was furious that I hadn’t told him about the texts between Luke and Serenity.  I told him that Bubba emailed me, I answered, then I didn’t hear anything about it.  GAL requested an order from the judge blocking all communications between Luke and Serenity.  To be honest, I don’t know if that is still in effect today or not.  I never could get a straight answer from anyone about how long it was to last.

The result of court that day was that the judge was NOT happy that I didn’t have a job yet  (because they grow on trees and everyone is so eager to hire women who have been housewives and out of the workforce for a dozen years).  The judge was NOT happy that I’d made the poor decision to allow Luke and Serenity to text.  The judge was NOT happy that I took such a nonchalant attitude about the possibility that Luke was planning to molest Serenity (From a thousand miles away? And where was that coming from?  Oh, right.  From Bubba.)  And the real kicker?  The judge was not even informed that Bubba didn’t bother to show up for court.

As my friend and I were standing outside of the courthouse discussing how it was going, Bubba showed up.  He was an entire hour late.  It was so aggravating.  He screwed up again and yet it didn’t touch him.  I was still the one that got the rap on the knuckles that day.   Not one word was said about Bubba not showing up.  No one questioned why it took Bubba three months to come to me with his concerns about Luke and Serenity texting.  How could they miss that he deliberately did that five days before court so he could blow it out of proportion and twist it to his advantage?

My lawyer told me he’d be in touch in a few days, once he got the written orders from the judge.

What I was about to be told next would shake the foundation of my world.



  1. Elizabeth

    Well don’t leave us hanging like this!!! LOL

    • I won’t leave you hanging for long. You’ll find out about it tomorrow.


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