Hope in Heels

My name is Hope.  I’m a survivor.

My story spans nearly four decades and I’m going to start sharing it in the hopes that it will help others.  I want to dedicate this blog to everyone who lives in abuse now, has lived in it in the past, will live in it in the future, and for those courageous souls who got out.

I’m going to tell my story and I’m going to do it while wearing amazing heels!  I am finally safe to be me and  I love shoes!  So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and get comfortable.  Journey with me as I expose the insidious abusive dynamic I lived in my entire life and how I got out and got free.



  1. Good for you, lady!!!


  1. Choices | Hope Wears Heels
  2. Inspiration | Hope Wears Heels

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